Lipsense Review

Hi Guys!

Sheer Berry lipsense and Bouginvillea gloss

So I am sure by now you all have heard of this magical product called lipsense by SeneGence. First off I was to send a huge shout out to Aubree for sending me my starter kit! She’s a doll and has offered you all 10% off your first starter kit! How nice is that!? You can find her on instagram at @chickswithlips and her facebook group here Chicks with Lips. Message her and she will give you a color consultation to find your perfect lipsense color

Let’s get started!

If you haven’t heard of lipsense it’s claim to fame is a kiss proof, water proof, long lasting liquid lip color. Lipsense however is not like your other liquid lip color. The difference between lipsense and other long lasting liquid colors is the formula. Most lip colors are heavily based on waxes and pigments, lipsense is based on a special alcohol formula. Denatured Alcohol is the key ingredient in lipsense and it’s varies from isopropyl alcohol and rubbing alcohol because it doesn’t overly dry your lips! When applying the color the denatured alcohol evaporates on contact with your lips only leaving behind the color pigments. As the alcohol evaporates you will feel a light tingle, this is normal with first time use as the product is settling into the contours of your lips. 14996498_10154614532858529_25612535_nI don’t know about everyone else but my lips are SUPER dry! Like crack when I laugh dry, it’s bad guys. I’ve been using the lipsense color for a few weeks now to see how I like it and how it worked. The SeneGence company and consultants say that after using Lipsense your lips will be healthier and more moisturized. At first I wasn’t sure how an alcohol based product could possible help my poor dry cracked lips. Let me tell you what, my lips are forever changed! Lipsense is FULL of lip loving ingredients: Paeonia Suffruticosa Root (Tree Peony) Extract: a natural calming plum flower herb, Tilia Cordata (Linden) Flower Extract: a natural flower extract rich in flavonoids and a powerful anti-oxidant, and Isodonis Japonicus Extract: Fragrant plant extract that contains terpenes, shown to have medicinal properties to soothe skin just to name a few.

Application of lipsense is a 3+1 step process. You will apply three layers of the lip color, and finish with gloss. To start make sure you shake your color so the pigments don’t settle at the bottom. You will also want to let each layer dry a bit, 30 seconds, in between the next layer. The first layer works with the pH of your skin and thus breaks down the fastest, the second layer is protected from your skins pH by the first layer building the color, the third and final layer seals in the second layer and protects your color from outside forces. Here is a link for a great application video!94338c6103133c5da3dfc0c976f1f72a

After you’ve applied your three layers of color you are ready for gloss! This happens to be my favorite part. I love how hydrated my lips feel and the gloss really makes the colors pop even more. Glossy gloss is recommended when you first start using lipsense as it is the most hydrating but I started off with the gloss in the color bougainvillea and I think its just as hydrating. Plus it has a little sparkle which come on who doesn’t love sparkle! ff53c7b836245b6460e81f512630a11d

Over all I think that SeneGence has an awesome product. I’ve really noticed a difference in my lips. They are so smooth and they don’t crack like they would before I started using lipsense. Seriously look how smooth my lips are!?lipsense2

Removing your Lipsense is super easy. Your starter kit will come with oops remover I use this for cleaning up my edges when I am first applying my color. At the end of the day I like to use a bar of facial soap and cleanse my lips with the rest of my face. I’ll also use coconut oil on a cotton ball if I need an extra cleansing. Keep in mind that oil will break the product down, so if you plan on eating anything with a high grease content you might want to add a little gloss before you start eating to help protect your color. 15046405_10154614532928529_1108455504_n

Over all I highly suggest giving Lipsense a try! It’s really life changing and I might have a new addiction. Anyways thank you so much for reading this review, and make sure you head on over to @chickswithlips to see all the great colors Aubree has to offer!

Thanks so much you guys! If you have any questions or comments drop them below and if you liked this make sure to follow my blog for more like it! MUAH!lipsense1


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