Spring Cleaning & things to come. 

Hi guys! Sorry I’ve been MIA for the past week. Life got busy and well I’m glad last week is over haha. 

I did a little spring cleaning on my vanity tonight and it’s so nice to have her all tidy! I went through a lot of my makeup and purged some of my older items. I’ve made a few purchases this month and I’m trying to make room. 

Last night I ordered two palettes from Morphe brushes. I got the 35e palette and the 35n palette. The 35e is all shimmers and the 35n is all mattes. They were both on sale and I am so excited to get them so I can start creating some new looks! I also ordered two liquid lipsticks from give me glow cosmetics! I’ve been wanting to try her lippies for a few months and she just launched her new sight so I figured now was the perfect time! I got the shade glazed donut and vintage mauve. Last but not least I ordered a few things from younique. I’ve heard different things on the line so I thought I would give them a shot. I ordered their new tinted lip balm that launched today, a bb cream, pressed powder, rose water spray, and face/eye primer. I am hoping that I fall in love so we shall see! I’ll make sure and do a haul post for you guys and let you know what I think. 

Lately I’ve been wanting to do a q&a post for you guys. If you’d like me to answer any of your beauty, skin care or makeup questions drop me a comment👇🏻and I will work on them for you! 

Stay beautiful, 



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