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February Collective Haul


Hello Lovelies! I hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday. I’ve picked up a few ( okay…maybe more than a few) things these last couple weeks so I thought I would put together a collective haul.

Okay, lets get started shall we?


Lindsay’s Secret Closet

I found this great online store this month and it seriously might be the death of my wallet guys! It has the cutest clothes and at such a great price. Lindsay is constantly posting new items and she is such a gem to work with! All her clothes are really good quality and most are made here in the USA. She sells the clothing at wholesale cost plus a little extra to cover her paypal expenses. Did I mention she’s an Angel? When you go to check out there is an option for a $5 donation to her precious niece that was born premature. This is totally optional, but like seriously how can you say no?


Mockneck Dress $25

I got this dress to wear on Valentines Day. Ordering online without trying things on can be scary. You don’t know how it will fit, how’s the quality, will it be as cute in the picture as it is on me? This dress was perfection! I LOVED wearing it, and my husband said it’s his favorite dress I own (bonus!). The fit was great, the quality was amazing, and the fabric is soooooo soft! Also, this dress is very flattering! I live in AZ and our summers are stupid hot, but this dress is really light weight so I can wear it in multiple seasons if I want.

If you’d like this dress in short sleeve she has that option also! This one is $24 with pockets  Short Sleeve Mockdress

Navy Stripe Maxi

Black Tunic
When I purchased my red mockdress Lindsay had a couple of “grab bags” that she was selling. The bags contained 3 random items in your size so I thought I would give it a shot. I’m really glad I did. I got the really cute floral kimono at the top, the navy stripe maxi, and this great black tunic top! The bag was only $25! It was such a great deal.

Pink & White 3/4 sleeve
I got this dress on clearance ($10!) I think I might live in this thing this summer! Its the perfect length, right at my knee, and super lightweight and soft! I’m convinced all her clothes are just extremely soft. She has such great vendors. She can mostly find you anything you are looking for or something extremely similar. I highly recommend checking her shop out. You won’t be disappointed! Lindsay’s Secret Closet Insta

Grey Romeo + Juliet Couture Blouse
Marshall’s had some AMAZING finds!

This grey blouse is so pretty and it was only $7! It was on the clearance rack marked “as is” for a tiny little mark that came out when I washed it. I paired it with a floral maxi skirt today and it was adorable!

Bellapierre Contour & Highlight Pro Palette
IMG_1228I found this great contour kit from Bellapierre. I love the the tins are removable so you can refill it once you need to replace a color. The pigment on this palette is great and the formula is nice. It blends out nicely and has a great color range. I love finding high end quality products at a good price. Seriously Marshall’s cosmetics department has been on point lately!

Danielle Creations Tools
I got these Danielle Creations tools for like $3 each. I was in need of new tweezers badly and this set came with a spoolie so that was a plus! Okay, I NEVER use tweezers to put falsies on. It’s always been easier for me to just place then with my fingers, but I saw this falsie applicator and thought I would give it a shot to see if maybe it works better? We shall see.

Energie tie-dye yoga leggings
Guys..I am trying to do yoga. Key word is trying! I am so not flexible, but maybe these cute tie-dye leggings will help? haha

I got these for $8 on the clearance rack.

E.L.F. Blending Brush
CVS gets me every time. I went in for cotton rounds and polish remover and left these babies! Every time I got to a store I ALWAYS go to the cosmetics isle. It’s a problem..

Anyways, I am all for trying new brushes and these from E.L.F are great! These are a little higher price point compared to their other brushes but highly worth getting. They are really soft and apply product great. I used the blending brush to apply my blush this morning and loved how it buffed out my blush.

E.L.F Contour Brush

Wet n Wild Blush in Rose Champagne
Might be a new holy grail product for me! I have to give credit to KathleenLights on youtube for turning me onto this blush.

Backstory: I haven’t used Wet N WIld for a hot minuet because when I was a wee little beauty maven experimenting with blue eye shadow up to my brow ( we all did it don’t deny) I had a really bad reaction to their shadows. I got a rash on my lid and it wasn’t pretty.

Flash forward to today. I’ve seen so many artists raving about how great Wet N Wild products are so I thought I would branch out again. I started with a few lip products and those worked great. So I broke down and got the blush. It says new formula so idk how the old color icon blushes were but this one is so great! It seriously blends out better then some of my high end blushes. I adore the color, its great on my fair skin. There is some shimmer to it, but it’s not glittery, just a nice shimmer. I could see this being a great highlighter on darker skin tones.

E.L.F Serum Foundation
I haven’t tried this yet but I am so excited to! I really love the idea behind serum foundations and how light weight they are. I did swatch this when I got home and the color is really nice. One pump was enough to cover the entire back of my hand so a little goes a LONG way.

Vegas Nay Lash glue
I picked these up at my Local Ulta. I’ve never seen these before but I am super excited to try them. I’ve been needing new falsies bad!

Exaggerate Lashes
I really hope these lashes look as pretty on as they do in the package!

Texture Lashes
I’m thinking these will be my everyday lashes. I LOVE Eylure’s packaging. Its so clean and pretty.

Costco! It’s a great place if you are looking to spend a lot of money lol. Not to mention all the free samples, free food yes please!

I got these HSN to try and see if they help with my well, hair, skin, and nails lol. I am only taking 1 a day ( serving is 3) because I take a lot of other vitamins and I don’t want to over do it. Hopefully they help and they aren’t just hype!

Gloria Vanderbilt
I needed new jeggins and these were $8! They are more straight leg and not skinny but that’s okay for me.

Cool 32

Cool 32
These are the best joggers I own! I love these so much. They are so light weight it’s amazing!

If you haven’t noticed I like lightweight clothing. My day job is a USPS carrier so I am outside delivering mail and in AZ it’s so stinkin hot here cool clothes are vital! These work great and the are semi fashionable so I don’t feel frumpy. I would totally pair these with a cute blouse and some sandals and wear them on a date night.


I hope you guys liked this haul and if you made it to the end thanks so much for being here! If you have any questions or would like to see another haul drop a comment in the box below! XOXO


3 thoughts on “February Collective Haul

  1. Question….have you ever used a tinted moisturizer? Some days I don’t need a whole makeup look but. Yo skin is uneven tone wise… I don’t spend much on makeup but wondering your thoughts. Also a good eye cream and what is the point of a primer.? I am a make up noob….

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  2. I have used “tinted moisturizer” in the past. Recently they have been calling them bb, cc, or dd creams. They offer SPF and usually a couple other skin benefits which I really nice. Most however are a light to medium coverage. They are great if you just need a light coverage and a high SPF. I have the it cosmetics cc cream and I like it a lot! It has a little more coverage than you average cc cream would offer and it’s super moisturizing. The brand NYX has a lot of great affordable products. I haven’t used the bb cream but I’ve heard good things. Personally I don’t use an eye cream right now. I like to invest in serums and just take my facial moisturizer under my eyes. Serums are a little pricier but you will see great results from them. The purpose of a primer is so smooth out the skin and make it a “clean canvas” for your foundation. It also helps your foundation to last longer throughout the day.

    I hope this helps 😊


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