Glitzy Green Smokey Eye Tutorial


I really LOVED this look! It’s always fun getting to play with color and some glitter. I might have a slight obsession with glitter eyeliner.. This look would be great to wear out for a night on the town out with your girlfriends.

This will be a picture tutorial; with every image I will list the steps I did and what products I used. If you have any questions feel free to drop them below in the comments. xoxo

Lets get started!


Here I am in all my bare faced glory! I’ve been struggling with some breakouts around my jaw. It’s a battle but I think my skin and I are coming to terms with one another.

My face has been cleansed, I’ve done all my serums, and I am moisturized. Make sure to let all your skin care products have time to absorb into the skin. This will ensure that you get the most out of your skin care products and also so that your foundation will apply smoother. First impression: it’s okay, I’ve used better primers.


Foundation: Maybelline Fit Me Shine Free + Balance foundation in 110 Porcelain. (I am SO FAIR!)

I apply two stripes of foundation on each cheek, fan out on my forehead and chin, then a stripe down my nose.

I use a flat top foundation brush to buff out the foundation. My favorite foundation brush right now is my Trish Mcevoy brush. It’s heavenly, but expensive. Perks to working at Nordstrom was gratis. It was wonderful! A really good foundation brush that is more wallet friendly is by Real Techniques. I really love all the brushes I have from them. They are a really good value.


I’m so sorry this is so blurry!

Concealer: I wait to do my concealer until after my foundation so that way I don’t get a cakey look. I can see what my foundation didn’t cover all the way and go over with concealer. That being said, I just do concealer under my eyes and any areas that need extra attention. Then I pat it out with my finger ( a beauty blender works great for this as well). I used sephora’s 8 hour concealer in 13 clair light.


Contour and Highlight: Maybelline Fit Me Shine Free + Balance foundation in 355 coconut

I apply the foundation any place I want to contour then I blend out with my real technique contour brush.


This is what it looks like partially blended. I go back and add a little bit of foundation to clean up my line and soften the contour.


Highlight (cheekbones): Manna Kadar sheer glo shimmer lotion. This stuff is seriously so pretty! It’s very subtle but it’s just enough for a nice soft glow. I apply in three dots and then blend out with my finger or beauty blender.


Highlight (under eye): Maybelline Instant eye rewind eraser in 60 brightener. I apply in a check mark pattern under my eyes back towards my temple and blend out.


*hot mess alert* Idk what happened to my hair

Blush: Hikari blush in Tango. This blush is super pigmented! I love the color and how little I have to use to get a really pretty flush of color on my cheeks.

I used an angled blush brush from Luxie (#504) I started at the apples of my cheeks and blended back.


Can you tell I LOVE this pallete? I got it from my MAC certification class last year. It’s pretty much my baby.



Base: Trish Mcevoy eye base in bar


I started with Omega in my crease ( top row third shadow, left to right) I used a back and forth motion to blend the color out. I can not express how important it is to blend, blend, and blend. Having a good blending brush helps too. Blending your shadows out ensures that you don’t have any harsh lines, unless that’s your thing. Do you boo!


On the outer corner I used carbon (bottom row, last shadow) this is a really soft black. It can be built up or you can keep it soft. One of the many reasons I love it. I switched to a smaller ( shorter, denser bristled) crease brush. This one it by elf and its actually pretty great for only $3! I blended the shadow half way into my crease and kept the otter corner darker to give a nice smokey effect


Lid: Unfortunately I have no clue what shade this NYX Ultra Pearl Mania pigment is. I got these on sale at Ulta and it didn’t have the shade sticker anymore. 😦IMG_1199

I used this brush to apply the pigment to my lid. I wanted to show you the shape and size of this brush. Its smaller than a regular crease brush but the bristles are still longer. I sprayed it with my L’Oreal Infallible pro spray & set to help the pigment stick to my lid and be more vibrant. I used a patting motion and carries the pigment just right up to my crease but not over it and all the way to my inner corner. I left the outer corner alone to keep the carbon shadow in place. I took that same short haired small crease brush (no new product on it) and buffed the edges out a bit to soften any lines. 

Mascara: Lancôme grandiose mascara in black. I applied to my upper and lower lashes. 


Urban Decay hit a home run with this stuff (in my opinion). It can be applied sheer over regular liner or used as I did here alone.


The color I used is called stagedive.


Under eye liner: be a bombshell liner in black and plumage shadow ( second row, last shadow) I applied the liner from the outer lower lash line to the middle and blended it out to the inner corner with plumage shadow with a pencil brush.


All hail the queen of brows, Anastasia Beverly Hills is the bomb dot com! I use the shade soft brown. IMG_1203

I bought this at the beginning of the month and it has very quickly become a staple in my makeup bag. The shade is perfect for my skin tone ( they had a couple different shades) and the formula is really creamy and blends great! I use this to highlight my brows.


Once I have the product applied I blend out. Have you caught the blending out pattern? It’s like a mantra.

Lastly I finished with lips!



Okay let’s talk about this lipstick for a second.

  1. I LOVE the color and the smell ( weird I know but its true) of this lipstick.
  2. The formula is super creamy, so much so that my lipstick is squishing ( that’s a word right?) in my tube. I’m super sad about it. 😦

That being said, its a really pretty color that I thought would work well with the blush and shadow combo.

Tada! Finished product!

If you made it to the end of this extremely long post thank you so much! It really means a lot. If you have any questions drop me a comment and I will try and help the best I can. Night dolls! xoxo







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